Muscle Cramps

Some of the general causes of muscles cramps are stress, overuse of muscles, fatigue and dehydration. In fact, our nervous system sends wrong chemical signal to our muscles to contract. These are all the natural reasons of cramps. Use of certain medicines can cause muscle cramps at times. Although there are a number of ways for treating muscle cramps, a simple stretching of the muscles can save you from deadly cramps.


What you can do to treat muscle cramps?


Nutritional treatment of muscle cramps

* Hydrate yourself sufficiently

Hydration is first step of treatment of cramps. Before you start treating your cramped muscles, you should drink water. You need to take 16-18 ounces of water before exercising. Small sips of water intake help you recover from the cramps than taking large gulps as your body finds it easy to process small sips of water.

* Electrolytes, Vitamin E and calcium keep your muscle cramps at bay

Electrolytes are nothing but the minerals like potassium, sodium and magnesium. Deficiency of these minerals can cause muscle cramps. The best source of electrolytes is banana. You can also consider several other fruits. Flow of blood is critical of cramps. Vitamin E is responsible for smooth flow of blood in your body. Generally the muscle cramps that occur in your leg are caused by the deficiency of Vitamin E. Shortage of calcium in your body can cause muscle cramps. You shouldn’t take more calcium than the prescribed levels.


Treatments at your hand

* Deep stretching of your muscles

Before doing rigorous exercises, it is advisable for you to stretch your muscles because you can stop muscle cramps beforehand. When you experience cramps, you should stretch your muscles in such way that it is not painful at all. Thigh stretch and calf stretch are some of the commonly used stretching techniques to relax your muscles.

* Heat pad or cloth soaked in hot water permit smooth blood flow in the cramped muscles

You can use either of the two mentioned above to relax the cramped muscles. You should periodically apply any of the two with intervals. First, you should put heat pad or cloth soaked in hot water for 20 minutes. If the cramp doesn’t go with that, you need to reapply the method.

Warm bath helps you to great deal when it comes to treatment of your cramped muscles. You can take bath for 10 to 15 minutes twice or thrice in week.

* Massage helps you muscles to get rid of cramps

You can simply massage you cramped muscles with the help of your hand. Massaging can be done by simply rubbing your muscles firmly with your hand. You can use vegetable oil for massage to help your muscles relax quickly.


Treating muscle cramps with sports medicine

Muscle cramps are generally temporary in nature. When these occur continually, you should take help of the sports medicine with due consultation of a doctor. Generally doctors prescribe muscle relaxants for you to alleviate the pain that you go through during cramps. Apart from relaxants some of the medicines are used for treating the disordered muscles that cause muscle cramps. In the worst case scenario, you need to go for medication or physiotherapist. But, you shouldn’t ignore the prolonged muscle cramps assuming them as temporary cramps.



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