Schools for Sports Medicine in the US

Sports medicine is one of the reputable medical fields with many employment opportunities in different establishments ranging from schools to hospitals, sports clubs and even outcall self-employment. This is why there are many schools that offer the training in the USA and finding one should not be a problem. However, not all schools are renowned for sports medicine. Some institutions have better facilities and course modules than others and their accreditation is considered estimable or more valuable. It is therefore important to find such training institutions if you are considering a competitive edge in your career. Here are some of the best schools to study sports medicine in the USA but first, a brief distinction of attributes that hallmark best training centers for the course.

Attributes of the best sports medicine school

As aforementioned, there are many schools that offer sports medicine training in the USA. Although all of them will promote their offers as the best in the region, this is obviously not the case. Some of the hallmarks that distinguish good schools from others include the following;

  • Facility and equipment – Like most medical fields, training requires adequate resources and space for comprehensive training, research, laboratory testing and examination. A good sports medicine school should have a fully equipped facility with spacious laboratories that adequately serve the enrolled population. This should be characterized by modern technology and upgrade in accordance with standards and emerging trends.
  • Course module and delivery – Different institutions offer different course modules while some offer all the variant modules. The best schools will have offers for certificate, diploma, degree, masters and even PhD and doctorate levels. They should also feature various majors and specialized fields for advanced high-level training.
  • Examination, testing and accreditation – The level of examination and types of accreditation given also play a big role when looking for the best school to learn sports medicine in the USA. Best schools offer high-end examination and testing. Their graduates are fit for employment in any industry and have sufficient knowledge and experience to handle the tasks at hand.
  • Certificate reputation and employment – Although many pursue careers such as sports medicine to be able to make a change in someone’s life, the ultimate goal is to get good employment and a comfortable salary. While the career is one of those that pay high wages, there are various categories within the range. The best schools offer reputable accreditation that will not only get you a job soon after graduation but also puts you in a position to earn higher since your training is considered more expansive and reliable.

There are many other minor characteristics of best sports medicine schools including experience, research and library, networking and affordability.

Best schools

Now that you already know what makes a school better than the other, here is a list of the best schools to learn sports medicine in the USA. This 5 five list is

hierarchically ranked from the top best according to recent expert reviews.

  1. Ohio State University (Ohio 43210) – located in 154 W on the 12th Avenue of Columbus. They are the first ranked school for sports medicine and have the best facility and training.
  2. University of South Florida (FL 33620) – located 4202 E on Flower Avenue in Tampa. They come second for esteemed accreditation, variety and high-end course modules.
  3. University of Michigan (MI 48109-5239) – the course is delivered at the Sports Medicine Fellowship department of family medicine located 1500 E on Medical Center Drive. They are renowned for top-class facility, research and training.
  4. University of California (CA 90095-1683) – found in 10833 on Le Conte Avenue and 50-080 CHS in Los Angeles. They are renowned for reputable accreditation, top-class training facility and wide resource center.
  5. Boston University – found in Boston Massachusetts and popular for exceptional networking, large resource center and high-end examination.

There are many other exceptional schools where you can learn sports medicine in the USA. Some of the names that did not make it to the top 5 list but are still reputable training centers include University of Pittsburg, University of Virginia, Missouri Stat University and University of Colorado (Colorado Springs). Others are University School of Medicine Stanford University, Utah State University, University of Miami, Brown University, Quinnipiac University and Norwich University.


Most state universities offer department/school of medicine within which sports medicine are trained. The number of reliable schools that offer this course in the USA is quite high especially since the course modules of such sciences are often upgraded for all institutions. The only differences are in research, networking and facility.




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